The Syrinx introduced the role of Social Media editor two years ago. I'm only the second person to hold the position. Our new goal for this year has been to utilize our social media platforms: Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter to help connect our audience with their student newspaper and with the students who make it. In the era of "Fake News" we wanted to put a human face on the newspaper and help educate our generally conservative, Christian audience about the public value of their newspaper.  How do we connect our community to our staff and help them understand how their newspaper is being made?

We are entering 4 Instagram posts that capture our social media approach. 

  1. Our first photo is apart of our series, "#WhatDoIDo," which has editors explain their roles in their own words.  Pictured here is our Managing Editor, Laurel Samuelson.  This new series was meant for Fresno Pacific's relatively small community to see that the people writing the stories and assembling the newspaper are students that they may know and see around campus.  By doing so, we are engaging our readers and spiking interest in The Syrinx.  
  2. During the last school year, President Rich Kriegbaum retired and we welcomed in a new president, Joseph Jones.  This fun and interactive eyebrow game was meant to be a good-natured send-off of the outgoing president and his iconic eyebrows. This post allowed The Syrinx and the community to share a humorous moment together during the transition of the presidency. 
  3. The third photo features Syrinx news editor Gabby Rivas during her interview with Fresno Pacific's new president, Joseph Jones.  At the beginning of the fall 2017 semester, The Syrinx asked Fresno Pacific students to submit questions for Dr. Jones to answer. Through this participatory interview process,  the student body was able to understand Dr. Jones' position on important issues like DACA and the LGBTQ community. We have begun including more "behind the scenes" social media posts so that students can see how the paper is produced.
  4. The photo that has the first four issues of the fall 2017 semester was taken to show a summary of the semesters work thus far.  The Syrinx staff had been putting in numerous hours and hard work and interviewing in order to produce the lastest stories like FPU's controversy over ethnic sashes.  

- Kellie Stiff, Social Media Editor