The Syrinx introduced the role of Social Media editor a year and a half ago. Since we are primarily a print product, our initial approach to social media has been to use Instagram and Facebook as as a photo-driven platform for informal documentation of everyday campus life and announcements. We also are beginning to develop a Twitter presence, primarily for live-tweeting campus events. As our social media following and engagement continues to grow, our social media strategy matures alongside it. 

We are entering 4 Instagram posts that capture our social media approach. Three of the posts are taken from our weekly series called "That Moment Whensday", which highlights moments in FPU student life that can be commonly shared. The other post epitomizes our social media documentation of campus events.   

  1. The first photo features a couple of students enjoying the iconic FPU fall which can be recognized by the abundance of leaves that completely cover the ground. As Fall can sometimes come much later than expected, with the Fresno heat, the day in which it is cold enough and there are enough leaves to make it feel like Fall is a big deal.
  2. The flag photo was taken to highlight a 9/11 memorial event on our campus. Our Anabaptist roots (pacifist and non-patriotic) as an institution often exist in tension with the many veterans and non-pacifist students on campus. 
  3. A well-known and iconic part of FPU's campus is our class plaques which line the walkway. These plaques commonly become an obstacle as students walk in the rain and it is almost a rite of passage for freshman to slide across one as they experience their first rain at FPU.
  4. As a Christian university, worship can be a key part of student life. The Ash Wednesday service brings together students from both protestant and Catholic traditions. 

- Alina Gutridge, Social Media Editor