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Campus nurse, on-site counseling among health services offered at FPU

The new nurse, Cheryl Nichols, and various on-site counselors are part of the physical and mental health services provided to students. Dale Scully, Vice President of Student Life, emphasized the availability of these services and stressed that students who want or need to see these staff members should feel free to do so. … Keep Reading

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Common speaks at Fresno City as part of Central Valley prison reform tour

More and more attention is being paid to the black incarceration rate. Considering that more black people are incarcerated than were enslaved, according to author of “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindedness” Michelle Alexander, it’s no surprise that calls for prison reform have been a part of the ongoing dialogue … Keep Reading

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Student life battles return of bed bugs

Student Life is working diligently to nip bed bugs in the bud, as these pests have returned to certain dorms in Jost Hall. Although it is not a proper infestation, after dealing with them last semester the Fresno Pacific staff is attempting to get rid of them for good. … Keep Reading

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FPU professor featured at the Fig Tree Gallery

FPU’s very own Chris Janzen is set to be featured at the Fig Tree Gallery for the entire month of October. The Fig Tree Gallery is considered a prestigious opportunity for local artists in the Central Valley. However, for Janzen, this is nothing new. … Keep Reading

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